January 8, 2018 MRC Agenda & Materials

Notice of Public Meeting of Miami River Commission
Monday, January 8, 2018 at Noon
1407 NW 7 Street, Miami, FL

I. Chair Report Chairman Horacio Stuart Aguirre

  1. Approval of MRC’s December 4, 2017 Public Meeting Minutes
  2. Miami River “Volunteer Improvement Plan” (VIP) , MRC Vice Chair Frank Balzebre
  3. Miami River Commission 2017 Annual Report

II. Informational Presentation Regarding FDOT’s Miami River Multi-Modal Freight Transportation Study

  1. FDOT Miami River Freight Improvement Plan
  2. MRC's Economic Development & Commerce Subcommittee 11.13.17 Public Meeting Minutes

III. Update Regarding Waterborne Transportation

  1. City Commission Approved Waterborne Transportation Item
  2. Miami River Developments 2017
  3. Miami River Restaurants 2017

IV. Update Regarding 528 NW 7 Ave.

  1. MRC's Public Meeting Minutes June 3, 2013 pages 2-3
  2. Sale Flyer

V. Committee Reports / Chairperson

  1. Greenways Subcommittee • Dr. Ernie Martin
  2. Stormwater Subcommittee •  Ms. Sallye Jude
    (i) Miami River Tributary and Canal Maintenance Dredging and Environmental Clean-Up Task Force
    Mr. Horacio Aguirre
  3. Urban Infill Subcommittee • Mr. Jim Murley
  4. Economic Development and Commerce •  Mr. Philip Everingham---MRC's Economic Development & Commerce Subcommittee 11.13.17 Public Meeting Minutes

VI. New Business

cc: Todd Hannon, City of Miami (for public notice per the law)
Harvey Ruvin, Miami-Dade County (for public notice per the law)